The importance of location when choosing web hosting

When starting an online business for the first time, it’s always safer to choose a local web hosting company. For many reason, people consider local hosting to be better than offshore hosting. After, it’s common sense to choose something that you are familiar locally than to choose a company from different country than risk having language, time, and proximity barriers. This is definitely true, but other than that, do consider some of the more significant factors that would affect a website when choosing the location for web hosting.

First thing to consider is to look at the potential visitors. Who are the visitors being targeted at. Are they local or are they from overseas. Knowing each specific geography of the visitors helps a lot in determining the choice of web hosting’s location. The reason for this is because it frees the transfer of connection that takes long time if the visitor is located far away from where the web site is being hosted. So the nearer the site is being hosted to the location of the visitors the faster the delivery of the connection will be. Make sense?

This means your page will be loading much faster in your visitors’ browser and saves visitors from waiting long enough and eventually decided to just close it. Interaction with the web hosting team is another important factor why choosing the location of a web hosting is important for your web business. A good on-time service is one of the most important criteria to selecting a web hosting. It is rather challenging if one would choose a web hosting from a different country that is different in time zone. Or worst, different in language.

One of the reason to select local web hosting provider covers this reason. As a user of their web hosting service, clients are also able to upload and download files for their websites much faster because of better internet connectivity that is within close proximity.

If you’re unsure which web hosting company to choose from, then look for one that has multiple location of datacenters. This simply helps the migration process to be much faster when they need to change location. Try for 4 different locations of datacenters.