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Web Hosting Malaysia – Trafficology

The source of traffic can be viewed as a potential flow of income to a website (if managed properly). That means it is imperative for any online entrepreneur to fully understand how web traffic works. They also should know where does it comes from. It is to create a more profitable conversion of traffic.

By understanding where your web traffic comes from, you will get the answer for the best place to market your website. There are basically three main sources of traffics that include from search engines, backlinks and direct URL. Search engines are one of the more heavy source of web traffic. According to research, this comes from 60% from Google, 30% from Yahoo and 10% from MSN.

Excluding hundreds of other less known search engines, backlinks also contribute in the overall traffic accumulation. The source of banklinks usually arise from websites that are of similar content or may derived from posts or comments in forums or social networking sites where a relevant topics are being discussed and links shared. Therefore, the chances of getting genuine visitors and conversion rate are higher than other forms of traffic source.

Despite the traffic report generated through software or third party traffic provider, many misunderstood the differences between the terms ‘hits’ and ‘visits’. These two terms on the traffic statistic can have very different meanings. The term ‘hits’ means requests from the web client to deliver a file. It is not necessarily a visit from a new visitor.

Many hits are a result from a search engine crawling or by the same visitor over and over again and are an inaccurate way to evaluate the number of human visitors that have been to your website. The hits is a misleading evaluation as the number increases whenever the same visitor enters the website or refresh a page.

Unlike ‘visitors’ or ‘unique visitors statistic’, this presents a more accurate report definition on the number of new visitors that reaches the website. You may also want to monitor the bounce rate to determine if these visitors reached your website intentionally or accidentally. The bounce rate determines whether the visitors proceed to other pages to signify genuine interest.

How to get traffic report?

There are many ways to get a traffic report. One of the example is from a traffic software to a third party web-based stat provider. But when considering a third party traffic report, the privacy of a website can be at stake. Do read the lengthy terms and conditions of the traffic report before using it. You should be prepared that the scripts that you are required to insert into the web pages will allow the traffic provider to dig into the page’s content and use it for anything, so sensitive information on a page would eventually be known to the provider.

Alternatively you can also use web statistics prepared by the web hosting provider you paid for. There are many hosting providers that provide a built-in web stat. They also offers a thorough web statistic report on real time. Try This is a safer way for those who prefer to maintain their right of privacy of their website.