Online Advertising


Advertising has a profound role in developing sales and branding for products and organization. It has always been the traditional way of promotion and has evolved into greater effectiveness ever since internet come to play.

We all have a built-in filter that traps all the unwanted advertisements that tries to enter our focus. The filter is an important skill for any modern person to acquire.  This is because a person is exposed to thousands of advertising messages in a day. Imagine if a person is attracted to all of these advertisements. Yet some advertisements do bypass our filters and influence us. Especially when we enter a daily routine that involve using the internet.

There are five broad types of online advertising. These broad types are comprised of contextual ad, affiliate aka network ad, banner exchange ad, email ad and the newly social network ad. Each of these has the great potential of delivering powerful marketing messages to the public. It’s also equally effective as its offline predecessor to get sales or to merely increase public awareness.


The prices for these ads vary differently. Some are according to ppc (pay per click) and some monthly. Other online advertising like email is almost free of charge. However, it requires some investment of effort and time to prepare the content. This can also be more effective compared to other form of online advertising. This is because it can be tailored according to specific receiver and elicit a direct response from them. However an upgrade to a better email-marketing tool would be necessary when a mass blasting is involved to have better management of the emails.

Contextual and network ad is one of the popular advertising market on today. These are driven to deliver ad messages more specific to the content of a website. Hence why there are more relevant to the visitors compared to conventional ad on newspaper that aims at the general public. The network ad is a common way to raise money for some websites. It can also be a main stream of revenue for a website.

A more trendy form of online advertising would be the social network advertising. This form of advertising relies mostly on words of mouth through users of social network. Known as a double edge sword, it can make or break reputation easily. Reputations of a product or organization can spread like fire across network of people. Nonetheless, the social network advertising gives more specific range of demographic and psychographic profiles for the advertiser and is probably the most effective psychological influence one can create from advertising.


Despite that, offline advertising retains its demand and popularity among advertisers as its value is still high. Traditional advertising such as TVC and newspaper holds a higher perceived value compared to the internet. Because media like tv and newspaper is all about ultimate credibility. Companies that appear on these media tend to be better established meaning more value. Nonetheless, online advertising learnt the best principle from the offline that seeks direct response and its advantage involves low cost and advancement with audio and video that are more involved with the current generation.