How can dedicated server improve web traffic

There are many ways to improve your web traffic. But most are done through the external process where reciprocal links, advertising, press release and other form of online publicity are involved. These methods can be highly effective to increase the visibility of a website thus increases the chance of getting more traffic. (Read more about how to promote a website from here). However, even with all publicity effort to promote web traffic, your website may not have the potential to sustain high traffic volume because the lack of profound reservoir of resources for it.

It all starts from the quality of the server that you choose for your website. Just imagine a taxi and a bus that picks up passengers along the way to its destination, the bus that has bigger capacity would definitely be able to picks up most passengers. Now take this analogy to compare between a shared server and dedicated server. In a shared hosting environment, it your website would be sharing resources with all other websites, probably between thousands of web accounts. And in dedicated hosting environment, it is all for you to use – big space.

If you expect at least ten thousands of visitors coming into your website in a day, then it is best for your interest to get a server with larger resources for your use such as a dedicated server. A shared environment hosting would not have enough resources to maintain the traffic and are not suitable for a high traffic niche. This boils down to one of the most important element of web hosting – bandwidth, is what determines the flow and speed of your web traffic and how fast your visitors are able to reach your website.

A dedicated server gives you faster speed because you don’t have to share the resources with other clients like in a shared environment. As a result gives you more consistent and reliable resources that you can expect. In a shared hosting environment, a visitor may need to wait for long time before a website on a server is allocated for enough of bandwidth to send out as a response. The delay of your web response will be remembered and so would be your web’s reputation that determines if you will be able to get a loyal visitor.

A high quality web hosting can definitely help to boost up web traffic. Popular sites that expect to accumulate large amount of visitors in a day should consider the use of dedicated server to allow sufficient bandwidth transfer. Try out