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The common mistakes of SEO

While there are many secrets of SEO that you’ve might read about, whether from this source or other it is also important to know what to avoid in practicing SEO techniques.

Overly targeted and inconsistent keywords

Keywords are one of the most important elements for successful SEO. You put it in your content, meta title and description to make sure search engine crawlers get the right keyword so it knows how and where to categorize your page. But don’t over do it! Two to three keywords on the same focus should be enough, The more you use, the more confuse search engines would be. This helps you to make your site stay at a specific category you desire.

Another common mistakes people often make is when the keywords are antonymous to each other. If you want to focus on the competitive price of your product then don’t conflict it with another focus on the quality. Choose one to emphasize so search engine knows which aspects you want to be known as. If both are necessary to point out, then do it on two different pages instead of one.

Broad and general keywords

When choosing a keyword for your page, put your foot into the visitorss shoe. Think of the journey of how these people would reach your site starting from the search engine. Think of where they’re from and what is the nearest keyword on their mind so that your page would be at the top of the search result when they look for it. So doing some research on the demographics and psychographics of your targeted visitors will definitely help.

For example you may think about their location such as in Malaysia and the product they have in mind such as web hosting and of course the type of web hosting they are looking for. So “Malaysia reliable web hosting” would help to narrow down the searches giving more specific and more importantly, relevant results to the visitors.

Poor grammar and spelling

This should be self-explanatory. Pay extra attention to grammars and spellings of your page and it creates an important impression for your visitors.  Typo errors are simply unacceptable and it also prevents search engines to place you correctly. Proof read and triple check everything because these are the basic presentation of your credibility.

No title tag

Always make use of meta description and title for your pages. It is there to guide where the search engines should get the information. The meta description would be an excerpt of  your page on search results and help visitors to understand and decide if they will click at your page. Pages that does not have meta description would usually leave search engines to select random parts of the content as a summary for search results and it may not be not as good as it would be.

Spam on backlinks

Most people are taught to get backlinks on their site so that others will reciprocate obligatory thus improving their rankings on search engines. But the more important lesson is about the quality as always, not much on the quantity. You can have thousands of banklinks on your page, but if it’s all irrelevant to what your site is about then it won’t help. One high quality link to your site is better than thousands of junk links. Google pay higher attention to who is linking to you than how many you are linking from. Nonetheless, it is never easy to obtain high quality links.

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