How to incorporate payment method into a website

So you’ve learnt a lot of ways about how to attract visitors into your website and persuade them to buy your products. From there, you take the next step to contact them and meeting them in person to collect payment, or have your clients send over via TT (telegraph transfer) if they are from overseas. These are some of the ways to collect payment through offline methods where your website has not been fully utilized. But may not be the best method for collecting payment when handling large clients. For that, more options of payment system needs to be integrated into your website.

With new algorithm and legislation expanded to more countries (including third world countries), the next challenge is now about how to setup a proper system to manage payments. There are three types of payment methods that are generally used – offline, semi online and online. The offline payment methods are what have been described earlier as cash deposit, TT and cheque. These are convenient choice of payment method for local clients.

The semi online payment method for clients involve going through online payment procedures but the data would being processed offline. So the confirmation of payment is usually not instant and may take up to few hours to verify and process a payment. However many consider this to be a safer way to prevent online fraud.

Then comes the full online payment method that can be managed entirely on the internet. With this, there are two ways that a website can incorporate online payment methods. One is by applying an internet merchant account through different banks to provide online credit card payment. This method can be rather troublesome as you need to go through a long process of application and pay the whatsoever fees that require by them. Nonetheless, it provides better convenience for your clients and being perceived as more creditable for acquiring a legal permit and internet merchant account from banks.

Additionally, you can also get similar benefits for your clients through a payment gateway company, but without the hassle of long procedure of applications. Payment gateway companies deal with all bank issues to provide you the convenience of payment method system for your website. But there are other critical aspects to consider when choosing a payment gateway. These include the price, convenience, accessibility and more importantly security. All payment gateways have comes with different benefit,. some are more popular and some are not. Try Ipay88 for better accessibility worldwide.

Payment gateways also offer ready-to-use shopping carts and checkout system that can be easily integrated into a website. The fees for these services vary from one to another, but nonetheless could be a worthy price for the benefit of the clients.