Online corporate branding the way forward – Internet Marketing Malaysia


Like any other brand or product, it is based on the experience created for the users that can be done through the design of the logo, customer serviced, treatment, training of employees, packaging, advertising and quality control of products/services. There are two specific categories of branding which are corporate branding and umbrella branding.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is one that brands over the entire company with one consistent theme that can be used for other sub products and services. This saves a lot of time, ideas and cost to produce an advertising campaign for different products. For online branding, this is perhaps a more feasible business solution to put all categories of products under one consistent concept of website. It also helps to make clients to be more easily familiar with the line of products.

Umbrella branding is when each products and services have their own brands and messages to tell. Some website would have what is called as microsite to create a different brand identity from the main company. This helps different products to create different identities to fill specific market niches.

Product Branding

Branding a product/service on internet is very much like anywhere else, only faster. Because the internet market evolve so rapidly, anything that is longer than 6 months is considered as old on the internet. So ensuring a fresh new brand from time to time is important to attract more prospects and visitors to your business. You can take internet brand as seasonal as food, eat it too often and people will get bored with it. Never allow brand product to get fatigue by always keep up with the market trend.

Analysing the online market is required more often to evaluate the constant need for brand update. So it can be aligned to the current trend and market condition. This means knowing how to put the brand into the right words with positioning based on the target market would be significant. Finding something true about the business product that can be defined and differentiated while addressing a genuine market need and interest is important on the two stages of market analysis and positioning.

When it comes to online branding, it has more to do with graphic and web design. It is what gives the right brand impression and more importantly credibility to visitors. The next step is to get the words around with public relations and advertising. But on Internet, speed and effectiveness can be doubled up using powerful advertising system such as Google Adwords or Facebook advertising. These are more effective methods to reach specific categories of demographic and psychographic of target audiences.


A brand’s credibility is about how congruent a brand represents itself. For that to happen any online brand must look reliable and promising. Its website must contain the ‘about us’ page to show details of the company. The brand vision and mission must also be clearly stated on the about us page. A frequent visit to market research should also be carried out whenever possible to keep the brand revitalized and welcomed.