The best way to tweet for traffic – Webserver Twitter


Among all social network sites, Twitter is another demanding communication tool for it’s popularity after Facebook. Similar like Facebook, Twitter provides an effective communication platform with the main concept of simplicity. Made for short message service of up to only 140 characters, Twitter delivers message in shorter but more meaningful ways that connects people around.

For social networking to business communication, Twitter is a powerful media that has both, the utility value and identity value. It is a powerful tool to create public opinion as well as a tool for viral marketing effect. Twitter gives business a peep at what’s the status messaging can do for an organization. It is also a great way to find out what other people think about an organization and the market trend. So here’s some tips on how to tweet more effectively for traffic.


The concept of Twitter is about socializing. So to get good response from others on your twitter, you must first learn to tweet with others by commenting and following them. It’s important to create a mutual interest between an organization and other Tweeters. Commenting or repeating the topic of other has tweet is a great way to establish a common interest and great rapport.

Follow interesting people and the people that they follow can lead to finding great prospects. Unlike some privacy settings in Facebook that blocks a person from seeing another person’s friend list, Twitter followers are visible. This allows the freedom of broader socializing and research on current trend.  By participating in other people’s interest, an organization can be part of the community.

Asking question is a great way to elicit interest and response from the followers. Instead of writing a statement, try to create an interesting headline that can be useful and meaningful for others. It does not have to be something related to the products or about the organization. The power of Twitter comes from the shorter message that one can communicate that creates more interest to read. Just like a headline in newspaper that is captivating and inviting for the followers to read more.


Twitter works well like an opinion poll, do it correctly and it can trigger many responses from the followers as a great tool to improve traffic. But at the same time, always step on their shoe to see from their perspective. What would be a headline that is beneficial, useful and meaningful to them?