Video Sales Letter

Sales letter is one of the most important element of marketing a product through a website. A good sales letter is able to address the concern of the visitors, provide them solutions and be influential enough to make them feel interested to find out more about the product and eventually purchase it. It is the first impressions as a landing page that will help to convert visitors into your clients. Today however not everyone is enthusiastic enough to read a lengthy page of words, and neither many sellers are passionate to write such masterpiece.

Fortunately, anyone can create a video sales letter, which is simpler and more effective to deliver an influential message. The fact is most people browse through pages than reading it because there is just too much information to absorb on the internet. But as the trend move towards with better internet speed and new media demand such as online streaming video, many things began to change. From entertainment to business and education you can see wide array of resources that are presented in video format. The trend of video communication and entertainment are also participated by Youtube, video web-seminar and video sales letter.

Most people prefer to relax and enjoy a video presentation than taking the extra effort to read and understand a written news. It’s just like watching TV, most people spend a good amount of time watching TV addictively because it’s enjoyable. Same concept on video sales letter, it’s more enjoyable to watch. People are also more susceptible to being in a trance state and are more suggestible especially if the content is presented in a form of education or documentary.

There are many good reasons why people should begin using video sales letter. These include for being different and unique to the visitors in most market, create a better impression and more attention-grabbing, does not require good copywriting skills, easier and faster to understand than sales letter, more influential communication and can potentially create higher conversion rate for a website.

Creating a video sales letter follows the same structure as one would do in a written sales letter. It must have a greeting, identifying the problem the visitor faces and propose a product/solution. A voiceover can also be used to support graphical statistics and charts for a more interesting and promising video sales letter.  Videos can be hosted on an external video database such as Youtube but to have better control and protection over the accessibility and copyright of the video, it can be hosted under a reliable web hosting provider.

The production cost for a video can also be at minimal. Anyone can use a webcam or even a video recorder on a handphone to produce a fair quality of video presentation, and with some touch up using some editing software would look more presentable. Those who are skilful with design and animation software can create higher quality for a better impression of a video sales letter. Instead of using the budget to hire a copywriter, consider using voice talent or artificial voice provider to be the voiceover of the video sales letter.