Why convert HTML to WordPress CMS

Many dreams of making money online through a website dies upon realizing the complication to build a website with HTML language. This applies to people who have great idea on how their website would look like, but are limited to the technical skills and experience of web development. Fortunately, thanks to the trendy invention of blog, people started using it as a platform for writing their journals and to promoting business.

But even with free blog, there are limitations on the control one has over the content and management of their sites. As people are more and more used to the simplicity of blog’s interface and the user friendly to omit the technical requirement of programming and HTML language, the industry evolved with better and powerful tool such as WordPress, a content management system derived from the concept of blog’s interface.

With WordPress, people can choose to work in a regular blog concept or manage complex website with it. It probably takes regular maintenance, and long writing of HTML coding to fix and update a page in website. With WordPress, developers can escape these technical headache to focus entirely on preparing the content and allow WordPress to take care of the site’s linking, pages, SEO and etc.

There are more than enough of reasons for anyone to start converting their old html site to WordPress. If it takes a complicated script or coding for a website to perform an automated content publication, WordPress can save all the hassle with its schedule publication feature. A great tool for web developer to manage an automated timely publication.

There abundance of web template available for a pick with thousands of themes to suit the nature of a business. Together with constant new updates of plugins, web developers can save time from programming special database for form and comment pages. These can all be managed at the tip of the finger.

But best of all WordPress is free for all and it’s easy to install. Google also indexes pages of WordPress based site more quickly than HTML.

Anyone can convert a HTML based site into a WordPress managing site. It is not impossible for a large website with hundred of pages to begin using WordPress as a content management system for the site instead of paying expensive amount to technical maintenance and time consuming coding for a site.

Stay tune for more info on how to convert an old HTML site to WordPress content management system.