Email marketing

Uses of Email Marketing

Email offers an invaluable communication aspect to any organization and for its marketing perspective. It is a tool to bring great successes for marketing campaigns. Email marketing has been helping thousands of organizations to effectively manage, communicate, persuade and convert email recipients into clients.  It can be used to enhance relationships with clients.  Creating loyalty, attracting new clients, and achieving branding message across globally are other ways it helps.

Advantages of Email Marketing

There are a few advantages why any organization should consider the use of email marketing. This includes the easy tracking of ROI, the large population of email users, the ability to reach great number of people and the reusability with minimal cost involved. The disadvantages  are that large amount of emails will be rejected and that is filtered by the recipients’ server and many will be deleted.

Email marketing has the ability to reach specific demographics. This gives the message more individualized meaning to the recipient to address specific needs.

It can be achieved by setting up Email systems in advance. Messages are delivered in specific according to the senders needs. Names of the recipients can also be customized in the message content for different times.

Managing Email Marketing

Among these powerful features, it is important to ensure that the email message does not violate the spam law. It can be achieved by not making the email appear like an advertisement. Most email servers trash thousands of emails that are categorized as spamming advertisement. One of the best ways to create an email marketing message that look more like a genuine, important and useful message for recipients is to avoid using fancy graphics or an image based email. Email servers filter most images based on HTML emails without the prior request by the recipient.

Although a text based email looks more creditable any big bold and highlighted words are not recommended. Spam words such as Viagra, loan, Citibank etc also shouldn’t be used in appropriate context. This is because some servers have blacklisted these words

Using a pictorial signature is also not recommended as email marketing. Some email system treats any images attached to the email as spam and will be filtered as a result. With all these things to avoid in mind, it should be a good start to create a structure for email marketing starting with how to go about in delivery the email messages, the frequency and to manage the database of emails. Try for a more reliable email system.

Email marketing post work should be thoroughly planned. These include getting the right place to lead them after reading the emails. A landing page is highly recommended to effectively lead and convert recipients into clients. As recipients may come in considerably good amount, it is best create an auto-responder program to manage the follow-up of emails.