mail spam

How to prevent emails from going into spam folder

There are approx 60 billions of emails transfer daily. About 90% of the billions are spam that includes 64% of spam server from Taiwan and 23% in the US. Email service providers are battling for new ways to deal with spam and legitimate emails more effectively.

Apart from the standard procedure to automatically filters spam emails, you may find your wanted emails or important emails that you sent out to be blocked by the provider and only to find it in the spam folder. As an average businessperson who receives about 25 emails daily on average, some wanted emails might accidentally be trashed out with other spam emails. That moment could sometimes trigger some understandable compulsion to throw some foul words at the computer.

Nonetheless, most email systems have been effective in its own ways to prevent daily spam email that you find annoying. So its guilt for being paranoid over every emails should be forgiven. On the other hand, you can also take some precaution or do some planning to ensure your wanted emails to reach your inbox safely or to reach your recipient’s inbox safely.

Turn off Spam filter.

There are a lots of hypocritical spam filters that are available on the market. Some that claimed to protect clients eventually spam them with their own advertisements or worst selling their database to a third party company. Despite that, there are many genuine ones that if worthy trying. Turning off the spam filters may help you momentarily to receive a specific email at a specific moment and you may turn it on again any sooner.

Scan your attachment

Most email providers have a built-in anti-virus, that means it becomes more sensitive with the content of your attachment. So be sure to scan the attachment yourself before attaching it to the email. Execution files format are more suspicion to anti-virus as most viruses e.g Wormholes and Trojans are created in such format. Try shrinking the file size too if possible and put it in a ZIP file.

Your highly graphic email is ugly

No, probably not because of this as email software does not have wisdom for a taste of design, but emails with graphic oriented are more likely to be mark as spam than emails that contain text as most graphic based emails are categorized as advertisement – spam.

Manual white listing

Another way to prevent wanted emails to go into a spam folder is to perform a manual white-list for the sender. This can be done easily through a few steps of setting the rules in your email services. Other email providers such as Webserver that offers Smartermail email service provides additional service to fulfill clients’ requests through a simple phone call to perform the white listing.

“Mark as not junk”

You’ve probably seen this similar sign many where similar, that by click at it, you instantly white-list the email and puts it back to the inbox. It’s a direct way, but may not be effective, as you would need to do it from time to time in your spam folder digging out your wanted email.

Add as friend

Another more effective way is to add your sender as a friend in your contact list before receiving it. That way, you’d be sure to receive the email from the sender.

Removing sensitive keywords

Some email software have message rules that sets specific keywords on the subject and body message to be marked automatically as a spam email. On the other hand, you can remove unwanted keywords or arrange wanted keywords in advance to have it in the inbox folder of your choice.

Reputation of IP

Aside from the above, it is important to understand that the prevention for emails to reach the spam folder should be done by two parties – sender and recipient. Both parties need to ensure the criteria above to make sure the prevention successful.  For that reason, it is also important to ensure that the IP address of the sender is not blacklisted. If your email is hosted in a large shared environment, your IP address can be on risk as you may suffer the same fate from those accounts who have been banned by email service. To avoid this, use a dedicated server.