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Cheap web hosting

cheap_hostingThe last thing that you want to associate the word cheap is with the quality of a web hosting service. You might found this page probably because you are looking for a cheap priced web hosting, but definitely not a cheap service of web hosting. The word cheap usually has a negative connotation and in the context of web hosting, the word would have a double negative on the outcome for business.

If it’s too good to be true for your company’s investment, then it’s probably not. Free or cheap web hosting lacks the essential qualities of stability and reliability that gives you a peace of mind.  When searching for a web hosting provider, the quality usually ranges from low, medium and high that determine the reasoning of price. The price would then determine the reliability of the service.

A cheap web hosting is known to come with a low range of specifications that include bandwidth and disk space. These two are the most significant value that determines how much it would be priced. The lower the bandwidth and disk space gets, the lower it would be price because these two factor are expensive for web hosting providers.

Without realizing the drawback of a cheap or free web hosting, people who seeks to cut cost for their website may have to pay more at the end when they face a downtime. This can cause serious loss of visitors and potential sales conversion in a short period of time.

Because bandwidth and disk space cost the most, web hosting providers that offer cheap web hosting would cram as many accounts into a server as possible to cut cost. This causes overload of servers, and because the resources are being shared by large number of users, it causes slow performance or worst, a downtime. Think of cramming ten people into a small Volkswagen, even if they managed to get in the car, it probably wouldn’t move.

As you can expect the likelihood of these disadvantages, you are also usually not provided with a reliable support service. So if you were concern about saving the cost of your company, a reliable web hosting with reasonable price would be a better choice.

Nonetheless as web hosting competition gets more fiery, and more people are not equipped with knowledge of web hosting, there would inevitably be more entrepreneurs losing more money at the end upon realizing the real definition of cheap web hosting. C’est la vie.