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Blogging for a living – Best way to earn side income!


The popularity of blogging and social networking has created a new market for everyone, as a legitimate profession to make a living. The new algorithm from payment gateway has opened more possibilities on more continents and increases the interest among blog enthusiast to jump onto the bandwagon to blog for a living.

Blogging is considered to be one of the realistic ways to make side income online by the new generations. It is a job that allows people to work at the comfort of their home and at their flexible time. A highly sought-after job especially when the income can be compared to a full-time office job. For all the positive impression, there is however the pros and cons just like everything else.

4 Basic Ways of Blogging

There are 4 basic ways that one can blog to make a living. The first one is to write about reviews for products or organizations. Most of the write-ups are to promote the organization in a favorable way. This job can be achieve through a ‘pay-to-blog’ service. Of course, the popularity of your blog will also be the determining factor for the rate that will be apply to you. The traffic receives usually measure a blog popularity.

The second way to make a living with your blog is through the selling ad space. Advertising is always one of the most fruitful market on the internet. For that, opportunities are abundance for bloggers to grab. Earning advertising revenue can be done through a third party advertising company such as the popular Adsense or Adbrite, or through direct seeking of organizations who are looking for space to place their ads. Again, the rates vary from different amounts of traffic.

Political blog contents may be sensitive, but they definitely receive an overwhelming welcome on today’s online politics. As provocative as it can be, critical writers receives popularity that spreads like fire if their content is sensible and reflective to the society. This increases the source for headhunt from governmental or nongovernmental organization to work as an opinion leading writer.

Nonetheless these opportunities should come with the proper skills and knowledge to make it possible. As blogging derived from the nature of journalism, an acceptable writing skill is imperative. It is to produce an acceptable quality of content. The knowledge of SEO is important to help increase exposure of the blog to the world. A blogger must also be actively involve in all forms of online communications. Which include participations in forums and submissions of articles and press releases.


Although there are many blog publishing system that can help a blogger to start blogging, having the extra skills in programming and web design can be an advantage to fully optimize the blog design for a better impression.