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Ensuring a good ranking for a website is as important as getting a shop on the right street market. The efforts for getting a good search engine optimizer (SEO) may be as hard as getting the right shop, if not harder. However, the result of a good SEO may be a worthy effort than any other promotional activities for a website. A good SEO result for a website helps to spread the word about its business to the world, increasing web traffic and prospect customers.

Targeting search engine

Although some search engines are considered to be more popularly used by others, choosing the right search engine to improve the SEO will make a difference. You may not be aware, but different search engines have different ways to rank websites according to their own preferences. For example, a specific keyword integrated in the domain name may be more welcome by some search engines than others. And that the meta descriptions may be more of a judging criteria to some search engines than other. So determining the choice of your search engine is important. A website that has the highest ranked keyword may not have the same result in other search engines. So work the way up according to the target market of search engines.

Managing your sites

A search engine friendly CMS (content management systerm) can help a lot to boost the search engine ranking for a website. Some CMS programs are more search engine friendly than others when working with search engines. For example, WordPress CMS ties up all content keywords with different pages easier with their SEO plugin to makes web pages more indexable.

Anchoring keywords

Keywords are the most important element of a good ranked page in search engines. Repetitions of keywords in content and headline of a page doubles the effectiveness of an indexable site. Naming the header and description correctly will help to attract visitors to click at a website. The header works as the main bait that captures their attention with specific keywords, and the description complements and reinforces their interest to click at it. When applying keywords, also consider the use of both singular and plural, for example ball and balls should be mentioned somewhere in the header and description to maximize search results.

Keywords research

It’s keywords not keyword, so a practical phrase of keywords would be more realistic to accomplish. A single keyword such as golf would get you no where in the middle of the ocean and you won’t be spotted by the fisherman because there are much bigger fish than you. So that means, it requires more effort and are more challenges to increase SEO ranking based on only one keyword. So a more practical solution is to be more specific with the keywords and target audience. Say, USA golf balls would be more specific and easier to obtain a smaller quantity of search results, thus more specific target audience and less challenging.

Reciprocal links

A high quality reciprocal links are important than high quantity links. You want links that are of high quality that brings you the right traffic and not just some hi-bye traffic. That’s why a high quality back link to a website is important. Search engines take reciprocal links seriously and some even blacklist websites that are found to be purchasing links from others. So don’t be surprise if a website that has many low quality back links or irrelevant back links from other websites are ranked much more lower.

Content, the holy grail

Content will always be the king and the main factor of SEO rankings. The relevance, importance and originality of the content are the determining factor of the web ranking. A fresh content always captures the attention of the search engines. Whenever possible, always distribute your content to other content websites, share your good stuff to increase visibility. Submit your content to directories as well. Learn more at