How to promote your website

After the hard effort to build a website, the next step is to find ways to increase public awareness with similar strategies done by products and services in the real world. The following promotional strategies are based on the practice that can be applied on a website.


An effective way to promote a website is through advertising. This can be done through offline and online. With online, one can refer to print ads on newspaper that allows mass audience to receive the message. However, it may not be as effective as online advertising that can now be tailored to the specific target audience. Advertising on the internet search engines and other media usually allows the advertisers to choose the specific demographic and psychographic of the target audience. This will narrow down the visibility of your website only to relevant people.

Press release

Another effective way to promote a website is through the writing of press release.  Press release present itself in a form of news, which is rather innocuous, compared to advertising. Press release is an important elements of public relations that helps to build branding, reputation and credibility. So while advertising helps to capture the readers attention, press release helps to build credibility.


Articles on the website also plays a significant role as the content. These articles can be submitted to other directories and media. Search engines prioritize the content of a website. So write about the things you have to offer to public to attract greater publicity. Participate in article submission directories to further promote a website.

Creating email signature

If your website deals frequently with email marketing, it would then be useful to develop a recognizable signature that can be used in the long term. This will help to promote the website and the branding.

Submission to search engines

If you have new site, you’d want to submit it to the prominent search engines. E.g. Google, Yahoo and MSN. Also look for other search engine directory that is worth submitting. A manual submission to these search engines produce faster results of the website being indexed than waiting for search engines’ crawlers to visit your website.