Magic words for your website

Words can create different feelings for people, feelings that include happiness, sadness, surprise, disgust, confusion, fear and desire. The power of words are used on ritual chanting to a sales letter to hypnotic suggestion, and last but not least on a website that can attract visitors and close sales.

Two words that have a similar meaning can be different and effective in different contexts. For example the word envy and jealous are different in the weigh of implication where jealous is generally associated with negative connotation in the form of possession to the extreme while envy are perceived to be lighter. As words can be used in different context, it can be enhanced to create an anchoring effect to improve memory and positive feelings for your visitors.

The concept of anchoring in this article for magic words is borrowed from the study of NLP (neuro linguistic programming). In the similar concept, the framing of the mindset of the writer determines the words and phrases that will be used on the content, and a good choice of word should come from a positive frame (mindset).

In the context of website, one must also take SEO keywords into account, that is by using relevant words found by visitors. This can be applied similarly, by pacing the reality of the visitors. I.e If the visitor typed the word ‘reliable’ into the search engine, then the landing page must contain consistent keywords that pace the visitors reality of what he/she may be seeking for, and lead the visitor by anchoring similar association of words such as consistent, dependable and trustworthy to the content. There should be no conflicting meanings or words.

A positive mindset is important to produce right words for your website. Some websites contained phrases like “Don’t forget to subscribe…”. This is a weak perspective compared to a phrase like “Remember to subscribe…” The two LEADING verbs suggest to the visitors either to forget or remember. Of course the latter suggestion would be the actual objective of the message. So always use positive words on your website by knowing exactly WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE through these words

Avoid the use of SUPERLATIVE. As you have a clear objective of what you want to achieve with words, try to avoid using superlative and excessive adjective whenever possible, as this takes the credibility out of the message. Words like best, highest, widest should be used sparingly and backed by facts.

Using ‘good’ words to mesmerize and improve web SEO are about the art of choosing the right words. For that, positive words like satisfaction, easy, reliable, solution, successful, remember, vital, new and result can be used effectively in a site and bring more positive impression for visitors.

The header is one of the most important factors that decide if the visitor will to continue to read further or leave the page. This is an opportunity to apply the methods mentioned to utilize the ‘magic’ words to the fullest potential.