How The History Channel become successful with email marketing

In business we learn from those who are successful. In email marketing, we do the same by understanding what works and what doesn’t. The fact that there are more and more businesses beginning to use email marketing is because people are realizing the effectiveness of it that is linked to how we are connected to the Internet on today. People have spent big costs to research and understand exactly what makes email marketing worked and from here, we can see a good example from The History Channel on how email marketing has been a successful tool to build good relationship with your public.

If you’ve ever watched The History Channel, then you probably know it’s a television programme that focuses on bringing meaningful lives and events of the past to the present to educate the public. In one of their particular campaign to create further awareness and generate more interest from the public by showing history teachers how its resources could be used to teach in classroom. The History Channel encouraged teachers to assign the TV show “Frontier homes” as homework for their students.

An interactive game was created for students to play and learn while matching historical objects with four different types of pioneer homes. From their page, teachers are able to download a study guide and email friends or colleague to create viral effect. The mailing was sent out as an internal opt-in list of history teachers. The subject line was written as “Play The History Channel Frontier Homes Challenge” and has generated great interest from many people to participate, play and learn.

Games are definitely a great way to elicit some genuine attention and participation from your email recipients as it can create excitement from them. As a result, their campaign was able to produce high registration volume and it was further forwarded to many other recipients.