What determines your server uptime?

Reliability of a server is what factors in when seeking for a web hosting service as it entails the accessibility and also the success of your website. A server’s reliability is also usually termed in percentage of uptime. Most of the time, you would be seeing 99.9% uptime as guaranteed by most web hosting packages. As you continue to compare, rarely or possibly never would you be able to find any server uptime that gives 100% no matter how expensive it is. This is because there are many factors that determines a server’s uptime, and some are beyond the control of anyone.

Industrial standards of any claim would only be able to strive up to 99.9% of uptime. This is because it is impossible for any network to stay thriving without experiencing any issues. Some circumstances can be controlled but some can’t. Those can’t include accidents or natural disasters that can cause the outage or hardware failure of the server. So the next time you are looking for a reliable web server, pay attention to any hosting services that promises uptime of 100% and you’ll know how true would that.

Also, you need to be aware there are also two types of uptime in web hosting, that is network uptime and server uptime. The network uptime would provide the accessibility or reliability of your website. This network is located at data centers that have all high-tech support to ensure it’s consistent uptime. However server uptime relates to those servers that are located outside a data center which will also determine the uptime of your website. Even though it sounds safer to have a server located in the bigger network data center, the risks are still there as what has been mentioned that there are inevitable conditions that could happen.

Like in any other thing in future, nothing is 100% but if anything that can provide up to 99.9%, you’ll find more reasons to believe it than to doubt it’s reliability. Visit www.webserver.com.my for a more consistent network uptime now.