If you are hosting more than 1 website, read this.

Whether you are an internet marketer who creates multiple websites for profits or someone who enjoys creating websites as collection to show the world, you need to know that the wrong type of hosting can get all of your websites to fail at once. If you’re an internet marketer, you’ll probably lose profits and if you’re a designer, you’ll probably lose some reputation.

Many people often seek the one main factor when it comes to web hosting, price. Price is usually what determines the buying decision in web hosting. The cheaper it is, the more likely the buying would be. But what you might not know about the cheap hosting is  if you want to host for more than one website, your hosting server might run out of resources. It’s a common sense to know the danger to put all eggs into one basket, the analogy applies similarly to buying one cheap web hosting plan to support all your websites.

Most affordable web hosting services are providing what is known as shared hosting. In shared hosting environment, your website is usually being squashed into a server that is being shared by probably hundreds or even thousands of other clients. Those clients would compete with you on the bandwidth, space and other resources on the server and if the server fails, all of your websites would face downtime.

This is not to say that shared hosting is not good, but just not appropriate to use if you planned to put 50 websites into one cheap shared hosting service. The best way is to buy several accounts and separate these websites into few hosting plans. Or you can buy a dedicated hosting service and the whole server is for you to use.