How to build backlinks?

First of all, in case you haven’t already know, backlink is one of the biggest factors that determine if your site would rank at top or bottom of search engines. By that, search engines would take backlinks like votes, the more votes you have, the higher you move up. Backlinks are basically links from other sites that are pointing back to you. It can come from another website of similar content to yours or completely different. It can come from a forum, blog and also directories.

So since it’s so important, what are some of the ways to build backlinks? You can get backlinks through paid or natural way. One of the free ways is to basically submit articles to article directories. Or you can also submit any form of writing to any directories. But it’s important to ensure that your content contain the link to your site to have the backlink work properly. Submitting articles can however be a troublesome job if you intend to do it for the long term as you will need to submit to various article directories and the process can be quite daunting when you need to key in all necessary information from time to time to be accepted.

Fortunately, you can also use the paid service that are widely available and known as article marketing service. This basically helps you to shorten your process of the manual submission like you would do in any other directory. All you need is just to upload the articles and they will do the job for you. Aside from using articles to build backlinks you can also use RSS aka really simple syndication. It is a way where people can have your content legally on their site.