How SSL certificate improves a site’s credibility?

More and more people are buying things through e-commerce sites these days. The rapid development of e-commerce business has impact on social trust. As many e-commerce sites as you might have seen, how many do you believe in the legitimacy of their business? In what way do you see a site’s credibility? Perhaps through testimony and well written information about the company and product backed with proof of any kind. Other than that, some may have that last minute resistance the moment they have to enter their personal information such as their address, phone number and credit card information.

Customers want to see security in everything they buy. They want to see credibility in a website and the products or services that are being sold. They want some sense of assurance that anything they provide on the Internet would not get them any trouble in future. Billions of personal information is being transferred from servers to servers everyday passing through the screen of some that might have a more sinister intention to use these information (if you’re unlucky). So people want to ensure their information is protected and one of the ways that shows your website has what it takes is to get the SSL certificate.

SSL certificate works by creating a secure link between a website and the visitors’ browser by establishing a private communication channel that enables encryption of the data during transmission. The encryption will then scrambles the data creating a case for private message. The encryptions consist of a public key which is used to encrypt and a private key which is used to decipher the message. There are many different types of encryption levels for SSL that also differs in price, one of the more common is the 128 bit encryption that is available for all types of internet browsers.

Any e-commerce sites are recommended to apply for SSL certificate to build better trust and credibility with their visitors and clients.