How to avoid spam – The guide to stopping spam mail



Have you ever wonder why did some of your emails go into junk mail  or spam sometimes. This is due to the email you sent out reached the spam mail folder of your recipient? That’s because your mail has been marked as spam by the mail service provider or the recipient itself. It has categorized the keywords that are considered as spam to them. As we regard most emails we send out to be important, we want to make sure that these emails would reach the recipient’s inbox safely.


A few reasons for alarm trigger by spam filter is due to the use of spam terms. This means within your message content or in the subject line contains keywords that would automatically be labelled as spam. This happens because of the frequency of email messages that contain similar keywords. Many recipients mark this as spam, and when this happens the email service provider would automatically make record. Make record of these keywords that will be are spam.

Sometimes, it can also happen when the recipient have certain preference about which keyword that they would regard as spam or emails with certain keywords that they would like to filter out.  There are some common keywords that you should keep in mind when sculpting your message.

You should avoid words like Viagra or any pharmaceutical brand names or anything related to gambling such as casino. Everyday, users are helping email service provider to change how the email spam filter will behave by deciding which to mark as spam and which to white list.  Other common spam words include banking or other banking brand such as Citibank. Always try to avoid using any brand names into your content message and more importantly, as the subject line.



Another  tip to prevent email from going to the spam filter is by not using adjectives words. Words like BEST or FREE will trigger the spam filter to react. And more importantly, do not include foul language into your message.