Does you site reaches China?

Everyone knows that China market is so large that entrepreneurs cannot afford to ignore. With its market reforms in 1978, China has been the world’s fastest growing economies. Now with e-commerce market evolving to contribute to world’s market more progressively, it is imperative to look at how the Internet filtering policy of China can stunt the growth of business development for those who have their eyes there.

To many, the filtering of web content in China to protect it’s best interest for political, social and economic purpose has sparked concerns for e-commerce businesses worrying if their sites would be blocked by the government of China. Knowing some socially popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even Wikipedia that are blocked tense up the scrutiny of web content that should and should not be used. Thus understanding some basic requirement of their content filtering system would help to increase the chances of your site NOT to be banned by them.

This start with the type of content that the system would filters, that include any subject that would or can provide political, religion or ideology. A general rule is if your site content does not consist any element that is based around the idea of religion, political, media bias, etc you’ll unlikely cross their filtering radar.

But other than that, you should also be more vigilant with the terms that are being censored by the search engine in China. Although, you may not have the intention to bring up any topic related to the above mentioned genre of subjects, make sure that any terms or links that is associated to your site should also be avoided. These keywords include all that are stated on this site’s_Republic_of_China