How much are you willing to pay for website.

Like any other tangible products, there are brand within a market and like the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In websites, you also get what you pay for too. There are of course brands that are tailored for cost effectiveness and there are also brands that are tailored for quality. Depending on your budget you may choose the former or latter. On websites you may have different needs for your personal or business usage but many would consider the hosting services from abroad. How much of difference are you willing to pay for?

Like many tangible products some are considered to be more worthwhile to get it from abroad. But don’t be surprise for someone from Singapore who came back with a product who bought from US only to find the label that read “made in Singapore’ with more cost paid. Web hosting may be similar in view. Some may prefer to have their websites hosted overseas just because it is perceived as a more reliable service or being able to save most cost.

But never forget the other factors such as currency conversion, the availability of support due to different time zone and the delay of upload and download speed due to proximity. Again, choose according to the needs of your website. Paying less in return for a lower grade product may not be a very favourable result for your website.