Email relevancy to drive loyalty

Getting the right subject line for email is as important as getting the right recipients at the first place. A subject line must be the right one for the recipients that you expect to receive. This is because you need to create good relevancy to drive LOYALTY from recipients.  Relevancy is the unconscious thought of the mind filter that will decide to either read or trash an email. The level of relevancy varies between how much the information is related to them.

The feedback from the first email is an important cue to how much the email is related to them or has been able to trigger their right switches to read the mail. By using email marketing systems that provide statistical result, recipients’ behaviours can be easily understood. This provides an important lesson on how to continue the effort of creating relevant information to them. Readers only become loyal to information that they find useful or at least interesting enough to read, which means there are at least some form of relevancy to them.

The use of indiscriminate database of recipients is often expected with high chances of bounce mail, while selected recipients that match the criteria for information relevancy would be more useful to drive email loyalty. Email loyalty doesn’t stop even after the recipient have opt out, because if it leaves them a positive impression and at least a pleasurable opt-out experience, they might just come back again in future.