Would we run out of domain names?

In the last 24 hours of this blog was posted, there were more than 71 thousands of domain names purchased. Thousands of domain names are registered everyday and people are buying domain names like they are buying from shopping malls. At the same time 58 thousands of domain names are near to expiration. The numbers are expected to increase, as the generation get more involved with the Internet. And since domain names are just made up of words, and just like dictionary it can eventually reach the last page of its letter Z.

This leads us to the question, would we run out of domain names? As an entrepreneur or anyone who is planning to have a website, this could be a concern and also a motivation to secure a domain name before it is purchased by anyone else. In few years to come most popular single word domain name could all be taken up and the remaining are the less desirable names. Nonetheless, the registration of domain names can be increased with different country extensions. Other alternatives include using hyphens between words.

Despite that, some people do feel that it is never as unique as having a .com domain name. Perhaps we would run out of quality domain names but there are still more of different domain names that are still waiting for your grab. Have you got your desired domain name?