Building trust with website

Resources and websites have become abundance on the internet, cluttering the mind of visitor and eliminating trust in within. There are abundance of websites providing similar products and services with extraordinary claim that always seem too good to be true for anyone. There are also considerable amounts of people who have gone through the experience of being deceived or conned for many times. So building trust on a website with visitors have been harder than before due to these circumstances. But trust is important to make many things possible whether to close a sale or to maintain a good relationship with anyone.

For that, it is important to understand what are some of the elements of a good trustworthy website. Trust is basically conceived from every small parts of a website. These include the very first impression that a site gives to the visitor through the visual of web design. A good and clean design that allows the visitors to read in the right flow convey the first sign of a professional website. Nonetheless it must not be over driven by graphics that looks too commercial. So there must have a good balance between texts and graphics.

The navigations should always lead the visitors to the right content or the right page. It should be intuitive according to what the clients finds useful next. So using a correct keyword is important to ensure a right landing page. Terms and conditions is another important statement that must be included as it conveys legitimacy and professionalism for the conduct of web business, which is a good way to build trust.

Careless mistakes of grammar or spelling error can be harmful for the trust visitors have for the site. Always ensure the minimum use of superlative and adjectives to show objectivity in making a reliable claim. Never make an unbelievable claims or at least not without some measurable facts that can be used for validation.

Use written or voice testimonial if possible as third party endorsement for your site or products. This creates a greater impression of trustworthiness. Opinion leaders such as a famous people could bring more credibility on the testimonials statement.

The About Us page is imperative for clients to make their action to sincerely find out more about what you’re selling. It is a lead to traffic conversion. So be sure to be elaborative with the page and also the contact information. Aside from that, having a refund policy is always a great idea to eliminate buyer’s remorse. Other endorsement such as SSL certificate security would be a valuable assurance to boost the visitors’ trust.