Here are the issues of using Gmail for your business

Free email service is probably one of the true values among all other internet resources and services. It has definitely made life easier and empowers our communication system. Thanks to services like Yahoo and Gmail, we enjoy a great deal of time on online sending and receiving thousand of emails a year. But unfortunately, this isn’t always reliable.

Service Disruption

You might lose some hair recently if your business relies entirely on Gmail as you know the speed is sluggishly unbearable. Well beggars can’t be choosers but  just hang on with what is available on a free service. Since early this year, many users have been experiencing slow service on their Gmail. There have been speculations on Nortons antivirus and firewall. It had incompatibility issues with Gmails software. There were also encryption problems allowing Gmail services to work better after turning off the https.


Aside from all these disruption of service and outages, there are other reasons that perhaps you can consider going for a different option. When using a free email service, there are a few things that you might need to compromise. This includes the security, advertisement, speed, spam and more importantly privacy.

Privacy of email is one of the most important factors that should be considered. Gmail scans through personal and private emails indiscriminately. It then blocks emails that are considered to be a threat to the system or to you. It evaluates every email and its content. Aside from that, non subscribers that sent emails to other gmail accounts will also have their emails scan though they may not accept the terms and conditions set by Gmail like their users.

The huge email capacity of 7.5 gb is probably one of the best consideration for using Gmail. However if reliability and privacy is your higher concern, you might want to opt for a better choice of email service. Try others or webserver’s email for up to 10 GB. Other turn off  things that you might not like when using a free email service is the annoying advertisements.

Technical Limitations

On technical limitations Gmail users are also not allowed to send or receive executable files. Even ones that are comprised within a file. This can be a big drawback for many people trying to send business programs that are in the execution format. Aside from that Gmail also has a rule of locking down the service for 24 hours. This is if the algorithm detects user sending large number of files in a short time.