Offshore hosting

Choosing an oversea web hosting is like finding the right location for real estate where the economical and societal factor would come into play. Some might ask why would someone want to buy a web hosting from overseas while it’s available locally. Some of the reasons are as follows.

One of the most important considerations for web hosting buyers today is price. Competitive prices are everywhere, and more comparatively in third world countries. Some US websites are hosting in Asia due to price that fits their budget. Many third world countries provide a more affordable web hosting packages due to economical system that affects the currency.

Location as mentioned is also another factor for people who chose host offshore. A website owner from Europe may choose to host its website in Asia simply because of it’s target audience in Asia. So location parallels speed as the choice to provide bette bandwidth and faster access for visitors in the server’s location.

Service level can also be another reason as most offshore hosting are not comparable to those in the US, they tend to balance with other quality such as a more thorough service level. Many offshore hosting companies trained their customer support staff in handling foreign clients in the most professional level. English is no longer a language barrier for non native English speaking countries.

As different time zone can cause communication breakdown between hosting companies and clients, it is important to look for one that provides a 24/7 support time, and that doesn’t mean alternating between ticketing system and phone support. So be sure of what you are getting when you see an offshore hosting company claim on 24/7 support.

Another reason that one may choose to host their website on overseas the may be due to content sensitivity in their country. Some websites with the nature of its contents such as gambling, religion and politics may be restricted in some countries but not in others. So they would source for a web hosting company based in a country with no laws, or at least not a strict law that go against these types of content. Websites that host torrents content are also another ideal example that would usually opt for offshore hosting.