Sell in shopping website or your own website?

Many successful online entrepreneurs started up with selling small items on authority shopping sites such as Ebay and Amazon. These were the places they started to make small sum of penny and soon realized the potential profits that awaits them to grow bigger. Whereas others feel more comfortable by owning their own website. Regardless of the choices, the path to successful online selling relies on a reliable online selling platform.

There are pros and cons on both sides of choice. Selling your products on shopping sites can be easier to start as it cuts the cost to make your own e-commerce websites or to promote your products or spending extra cost for building up your site’s SEO. Everything that you need for you to promote your product is readily made available. Shopping sites give sellers the options to choose on how to promote their products. Sellers on this platform have better chance of attracting potential buyers instead of hi-bye visitors.

This is definitely a useful benefit for anyone who is new to online selling. Aside from that, the handling for payment and promoting the product is usually included in the shopping sites. All they need to do is to sell a hot selling product. However, there are probably equal pros and cons when it comes to building your own e-commerce website.

You’d probably need more effort to promote your website and products using various online marketing tactic, however you’d be more glad with the conversion that you can get if you know how to do it the right way.