How to captivate your readers with HTML email?

Email messages no longer need to be in plan boring text, but  filled with interesting fonts and captivating graphics that makes readers stare a little longer regardless of the content. By using good HTML email design, you stand a better chance to attract more readers to stay longer reading your email or perhaps taking further action to click at those fancy links in your website. All that starts with some good thumb tips for designing a good HTML email.

When creating a HTML email or newsletter, ensure that your design will turn up correctly in all browsers. This can be done by reducing the use of technology sophisticated graphics such as Flash, Javascript, videos or even animated gif’s. Their email service provider may filter all of this advance stuff out as some of them have higher restriction level for the types of contents that are acceptable. Any form of additional attachment onto the email is not recommended especially if it is an executionable file. This raise the suspicion of the email’s anti spam/virus system.

So this starts best if you are using any pure HTML editor. In another word, using the traditional design and basic HTML using tables will keep it safe. Double check at the end of the design if it is viewable in all kinds of browsers. If you must use any kind of picture, ensure that it would be of the highest quality. Readers of the Internet have ultra sensitive eyes that can easily tell if an email is genuine or is it another ready-to-trash-spam, thanks to the massive spam that forms these impression. So when you do put pictures on your email, ensure that it is of the highest quality as possible.

Always carry out the brand values of the email consistently, but also provide an option for anyone who chooses to opt out at anytime. There’s no need to tell readers everything in the message, the good ones will leave some clues where to get more information from it, and that’s what is called the call to action. All emails have information to deliver, but you can always keep the information at the end by calling for more of their action.