Neuromarketing – the cognitive branding

Have you ever got ‘stucked’ in a moment when you saw an interesting visual from a television commercial, even consciously aware that you were going to do something else, but just halted there? Or perhaps felt tempted to click on a banner when you feel emotionally connected with a graphic or word in an online banner. Maybe even higher emotional feelings such as a sense of fulfilling or belonging for obtaining a product or brand that you craved for. We have all experienced these phenomena created by these products and brands that have gone through the neuromarketing development.

Neuromarketing is defined as the new field of marketing that uses scientific and medical technology to create a brand that stimulates the brains’ response to create a buying decision. Most of the products that bring you to a subtle hypnotic state have gone through the long process of trial and error of the neuromarketing study. These products have been tested with technologies such as MRI (magnetic response imaging) on it’s effectiveness on specific concept, words and graphics of a brand message.

All of the brand messages are tailored to reach a certain emotional level to create it’s impact on buying decision. The techniques of creating an influential message are usually work along with some principles of hypnotic language that has been empirically tested. Neuromarketing research is usually a costly approached by ‘big’ organizations. The research usually includes advance medical technology to monitor brainwave activity, eye-tracking system and are also backup by other form of study such as focus group and survey.

The result however can be surprisingly effective to predict purchasing behavior and finding what elements in a branding strategy that triggers positive response than others. The internet is probably one of the best used place for neuromarketing practice with more than billions of surfer online everyday. Most messages that you feel attracted to click on have probably been tailored to capture your attention and increase your interest in clicking it.

It is said that about 95% of all thought occur in the subconscious mind. For that, neuromarketing approaches all messages that are based on the effects for the subconscious mind. There has been many interesting discovery with neuromarketing branding such as the warning label on cigarette packs actually stimulates activities in the brain that is associated with craving, no wonder smokers never seem to cease bit. And the logo of ipod that stimulate the same aspect of the brain that is associated with the elblem of religion.

Despite of it’s effectiveness, neuromarketing has been put on a controversial criticism from activist that warn it could eventually be used to manipulate the consumer’s perception  by playing with their fear or use other unethical stimulation to generate a response.

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