The Million dollar websites

Making money online has always been a tempting idea for many but it is never as simple as an overnight job if one intends to earn a decent income with it. Not many people would want to compete and become a millionaire through a website. But as we see more and more famous role models in our life making millions of dollars through their websites, we begin to see great feasibility and inspiration, at least to earn realistic profitable revenue. Here is a short list of successful websites with owners of highest generated revenue.

Mark Zuckerberg, the young owner of Facebook has generated approx $4 billions.
Launched in 2004 Facebook has made great impact into the lifestyle of a 13 year old kid to a 40 year old entrepreneur. From leisure to business, Facebook has created a new level of communication around people, organization and products.

Chad Hurley, the owner of Youtube generated about $85 millions. Launched in 2005 and bought over by Google in 2006, Youtube has created a new platform of video entertainment for the world.

Angelo Sotira is the owner of Deviant ART, a site for showcasing various artworks generated $75Millions. Launched in 2000, Deviant Art has become a place for all artistic people whom masterpieces are uploaded to the site for appreciation and purchase in different resolution.

Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg generated $31 millions by providing social news for people to discover and share news from any where on the internet. Similar like Facebook, Diggs resolves from the concept as a social network sites.

Fredrik Neij, the owner of The Pirate Bay generated $10millions by indexing torrent files and providing a large database for users to download. Launched in 2003, the website works as a torrent seach engine and is primarily funded through advertisements next to each torrent listings.

These inspiring founders and owners of the million dollar websites has not only generated good value for itself, but also a great value to share with the world for it’s services enhances our internet lifestyle. All of these influential sites have also been seen as having more consistent uptime than most websites, the foundation to creating a reliable online business – through a reliable web hosting.