How to make Flash content SEO friendly

Making a website SEO friendly is always a concern for the web developers and it is important for every website to fully utilize every tool that they can best make use for their contents. There are many setup that can be done to make sure that every pages and all contents are properly indexed by the search engine with the right keyword. With HTML and text rich format, it can be done by applying meta keywords, meta descriptions, meta title and etc.

The work for this insertion is even easier these days as we have powerful content management system such as WordPress that comes with SEO plugin features. All meta insertion to make the content more search engine friend can be easily edited on the backend. But what about Flash based sites with Flash fully integrated as their whole content, would it be possible to make it SEO friendly? The answer is below for a yes.

For any Flash-heavy web content, using SWFObject is useful to allow search engines to index Flash based contents. By creating HTML pages that mirrors page content such as home, about us and contact us enable search engine crawlers to index the text, links and pictures to it. Just like normal HTML, include traffic driven keyword messages and feature it in the Flash content.

Make sure you get a reliable web hosting that will be consistent with it’s uptime so your Flash content will be indexed as effective and HTML. Try