Why should you choose an SEO friendly domain name

Traffic is the true asset for any website and for traffic to be acquired, it needs to be properly indexed by the search engine so that it can be easily found by the majority visitors. A website can start by creating good quality content and good web design layout to attract new visitors and sustain loyal visitors. As any loyal visitors who comes back to your site is likely to recall your domain name. Those who have not seen your site before can only rely on the generic keywords that they search through search engine. So why should you choose an SEO friendly domain name?

For one apparent reason, that is to get better search engine ranking and better visibility on the Internet. Website should use SEO friendly domain name instead of actual company name. This of course is different when the name of the company can hold more attention with its popularity. However, if you are starting a new e-commerce business, choosing wise SEO friendly domain name would be more effective.

SEO Friendly Keywords

This is because your domain name will be the direct result of a search term in search engines. So, by using keywords such as “best-furniture-in-town”, “cheapest-domain-hosting”, “free-web-hosting”, etc  will give higher yield of traffic with more relevant visitors. Aside from meta tags, keywords and descriptions, the domain name will have a bigger impact.

Domain name can use both generic keywords and company name together such as “Marks-great-furniture”. So start by understanding what keywords that leads to high clicks from your target visitors’ demographics that would bring you better traffic and relevant visitors. Also, use web extension according to countries where possible such as .mx for Mexico, .cn for China, .sg for Singapore and .my for Malaysia.

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