Copywriting for Web

copywriting_website3Web copywriting (not to be confused with copyright) refers to words use to communicate messages that persuade, influence and sell. A powerful copy is able to create emotions, drama and a sense of urgency that gives the reader a sense of reading news and not an advertisement. It is important to ensure that a site doesn’t look like an advertisement, because an average person is exposed to hundreds of advertisement practically on every where. So the first thing that you want to avoid is to make sure a site doesn’t look like another advertisement. Sadly to see that there are many web copy that disregard this rule and turned their website into excessive heavy graphics that looks exactly like another advertisement..

Copywriting for a website may be slightly different from copywriting for other materials when it comes to the psychology of the target audience – online visitors. The choice of the web copy is very important and a site must have an effective direct-response copy that induces action from just one single exposure. You want someone to come into your site and instantly able to generate responses or call to action. With that in mind, the copy of a site should start all the way from getting a good domain name (check here to find good domain name), it is equally important as the first impression to grab the visitors’ attention.

The next impression is with the first screen they see, not to be confused with the main page or landing page, the first screen covers only the area that appears on the screen when a visitor enters your site. It is the most important impression of what a visitor sees before scrolling down. Similar to the headlines of a newspaper, it is what decides if a person will read further or not. With that said, a strong headline that will capture the visitors’ attention must be included in the first screen. Using some eye tracking monitor, scientists were able to discover that people don’t read online, they simply scan through and stop only at something that catches their eyes. This denotes to the importance of using the right format and design of wordings which include the use of bullet points, bold and italic.

Words tell and emotion sells, the phraseology, rhythm and mindset is important. Research concluded that human’s emotions are one of the primary motivating factors for buying decision. Good words trigger visitors’ emotions hence it is useful to always position a copy that makes them feel like you are talking to them personally. When setting the style of the web copy, remember to be mindful about the colloquialism that should be understandable to most people who have reasonable familiarity with the English language.

Creating a good web copy requires the use of psychological tactics and understanding of concept. A good copy would make people pull out their credit cards and buy whatever that is selling on the site. Nonetheless a good copy must also always be ethical and contain factual information.