How to make money online – Write review & gold farming

How to make money online – Write review & gold farming.

product-reviewAre you the one who enjoys giving critique and want people to hear what you say? If yes, you might be more tempted to write your opinion for a particular topic or product if you are told that you can make money by doing so. Making money online by reviewing a product has been a demanding service for many online companies. This job requires some writing skills and some passion to criticize (aren’t we all good at that?) This job gives the same pride and satisfaction as a journalist who had their piece of news published to the world to read about their thoughts which makes them the frontline influencers or opinion leaders. However, writing a review for a product or company may not be as exciting as the journalist. Most companies set certain guideline for what you should or should not write about. This sets a parameter for how far your thoughts can go. Most would require a review to be in a positive perspective, or at least neutral. Unlike journalist, you can’t talk about freedom of speech (if you want to get paid). There are many companies that provide such opportunity to review products. Usually, the number of page views for a written review determines the payout. There are also some that are based on every review that is written. This job may be an advantage for reputable bloggers who are perceived as better opinion leaders. Their writing reputation might get them better pay rates. So you might want to start your own website/blog (get it HERE) to practice blogging for topics and build a strong reputation over time.WOW_website3

Among all of the methods to make money online, the most interesting one would probably be the ‘gold farming’. It is a term that has been coined by MMORGP (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) gaming industry. This method intrigues most youth who has gone through a cyber gaming experience in their lives. Gold farming provides an opportunity for these group of fanatic gamers to earn money doing what they do best – play games! There are many types of MMORPG available on the internet and has becoming a popular trend of youth’s game. Unlike other offline games, the MMORPG gives the player a control of a character to play in a virtual world with multiple international players. These characters can acquire powers through higher level with cumulative time playing the game. Many are addicted to staying on the game for long hours to reach a level that can be higher than their peers. While these people play for pride and joy, there are another group of players who stays on the game to make a real fortune. These gold farmers dedicate their time and effort to build characters and resources (gold) to a level that can be merchandized for some real gold (money). The prices of the virtual item or character vary from level to level. Some people are even able to sell a character that has been built over one year for up to one thousand dollar. Be it for business or game, the virtual platform has enabled many opportunities for people to gather valuable resources for business.