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Secure you physical or cloud based server environment with Cloudbric

Cloudbric will provide all monitoring and maintenance of end user web traffic, which would help enterprise clients maintain a clean network infrastructure, eliminate security related customer support requests, and increase overall brand trust through an emphasis on web security.

In addition, Cloudbric protects against the most common and devastating attacks: cyber attacks, data leakage, website vandalism, and DDoS attacks. Cloudbric guarantees that your website will be protected against all kinds of malicious threats. Cloudbric is the most comprehensive security solution for the average website owner.

What happens when my website gets hacked?

Complete Hosting

Online Payment Compliance

Data leak results heavy financial loss

Cloudbric can protect you against data leak and comply with the global credit card information security standards!

Complete Hosting

Web Attacks

Gateway to every hack attack

Web attack is like a basic step in website hacking that all hackers must go through. It results in malware proliferation.

Complete Hosting

Zombies and DDoS

Damage by manipulating website traffic

DDoS is a type of hack attack that shuts down websites by bombarding one’s website with too much traffic. No website is immune from a DDoS attack.



Advanced DDoS Protection(Layer 3, 4, 7)

Restore & repair changed file

Web Optimization

OWASP Core Rule Set

Reputation-based Threat Protection

Block Visitors by IP or country

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RM 120




waf 40gb

RM 280





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