Paid vs natural SEO for promotion

When it comes to promoting a website, there are two main ways to do it in search engines – the paid way and the natural way. Similar like promoting products on the real world, there are the paid services and the free ones. With the paid ones include advertising on magazine, newspapers or television commercial and the free ones include submitting press releases for media to choose from.

On the internet, the paid services of advertisement relies on different types of search engines that provides what is known as PPC (pay per click) system for advertising rates. Unlike advertising on magazine or newspaper for frequency of appearance to determine the price, the PPC system calculates every clicks through rates from the visitors. The prices for these clicks depend on the competition of keywords on the Internet market.

The competition of keywords means the number of search results that appears on the search engines typed in by the visitors. The higher the competition, the more expensive the keywords would be. Broad keyword terms are usually more expensive than long tail keywords. Ad buyers can also increase or lower their bids for their ads in search engines to appear higher or lower. Of course, the higher it is, the more expensive it would be.

With hundreds of people clicking through your ads on search engines everyday without any real business conversion, the cost for advertising may not be a worthwhile spent. However, the alternative is to improve the SEO of a website. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is the practice to increase the ranking of a website targeting at specific keywords. The result of successful keywords optimization would bring the website to the top or at least top 10 of the search engine results, that would look like it is being endorsed by the search engines. Similar like press releases that gets selected to be featured on the newspapers, it gets better credibility.

However, the work and price for natural SEO could be more pricey and time consuming than the paid service. There are also many SEO companies who provides a quick solution to improve the ranking of websites, but some would consider the price to be better paid to advertising services. Paid or natural SEO, every company needs to gain some form of exposure for their websites, and for them to have a successful online business, they need to choose one of this method.