How spam filters can keep you sane?

Spam, what would seem like a harmless thing that reaches your website or email everyday can easily take out your valuable time and make you feeling frustrated, or worst losing your sanity.  Up to now, there have been more than billions of spams that come from all form and in all platforms that has been filtered out. Today alone your email could have received hundreds if it wasn’t because of the back work filtering that comes with your email or comment filter. Isn’t it time to say thank you to our dear spam filters that have been doing the entire dirty job for us?

When planning for an email security hosting, many organizations put a lot of consideration and effort to protect against external threats. Spam mail has evolved just like human being to become better and more intelligent. Some would mimic the credibility appearance of a genuine email to escape from being caught by spam filters, everyday you would perhaps see one or two spam mails that hits your inbox. Just like how our human genetic has been program to survival through evolution, these spam emails have also been very successful to bypass the span filters.

Perhaps one or two spam emails would be a scratch for you, but the fact is there are thousands of emails that attempts to penetrate through your spam filter system that you’re unaware of. Spam filters are commonly seen in two platforms that include email and also comment features that are usually available in some blogs, forums and websites. Many of these comes with filters that effectively blocks out abundance of spam emails and comments everyday. According to Akismet, a notable spam filter system that operates as plugin serving in WordPress has been filtering more than 23 billions of spam comments till the date of this blog.

That’s a huge amount of spams that you would rather create a new account entirely than to read through one by one to verify it’s genuineness. With important communication tool such as email that you use for business and other important matters, it is imperative for a user to not get mixed up between the spams and other emails that really require their attention. Thus is it also important to look for any email hosting services that comes with spam filter protection.