Why is your email accessibility important?

Why would you want to have a website at the first place? Probably because you’re aware of the need to have your business adapt to the need for change in technology and society. Or because all your competitors are doing it and you couldn’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t, hence you join the bandwagon. Well you’ve made the right move because it helps to increase your company’s visibility and sales. Now that phones are getting more sophisticated, it maybe your time to catch up with email’s accessibility as well.

Email accessibility is about bringing your email available to as many channel of phone platform as you can. This increases your emails for not being trashed or ignored in any ways. Just like websites, programmers would work to ensure the view will fit in all competing browsers so everyone can view it right. Because of all the fancy technology such as iphone, blackberry and android software phone that tries to outdo each other, email senders needs to take care of all incompatibility issues.

This include making sure all messages are presented in the same manner in all devices and applications. From a simple black and white resolution phone (though no one probably use this anymore) to a sophisticated email reader application that comes with anti-spam feature, creating an email for a person requires understanding how will they receive your message. It starts from a well-written and simple subject line. The easier and faster for a person to understand, the better it would be.

People who reads email from their mobile phone is probably having no time to read from their computer. So ensuring the simplicity of the message would be a wise move. For phone emails, you might want to simplify your message as much as you can. Attaching pictures that requires heavy loading may not be ideal for a phone’s connection.