How to rank higher than Amazon?

If you type in any product name in specific on a search engine, you’ll commonly find the results to be listing those that are from authority websites to be on top or at least within the first top 10 result. For example if you type a musical instrument product such as “Yamaha Guitar DX”, you’ll probably find authority sites, or sites that have very broad categories of products and massive backlinks to it such as Amazon or Ebay to be listed on top of search engine with your product name as the result. But did you know that your website can easily outrank them?

It’s not a rocket science thing to beat an authority site for a specific keyword sometimes. All you need is some good work of SEO. This includes the most important part of it, that is building backlinks. Backlink acts like votes to search engines, Google in particular. So the more backlinks you get, the higher search engines are going to perceive your site’s relevance to a particular keyword. What you need to know is Google rank pages, not website.

That means if a page of yours containing a particular keyword has more backlinks than a page in Amazon that contain your keyword, you will outrank them. Chances are, if you do your research properly, those pages alone in authority sites are not really difficult to beat. Get a reliable web hosting to ensure your website will stay there for a period of time and get enough of backlinks, you will very likely to outrank them in a week or two.

Of course, as market varies, there are some keywords that are truly competitive. One for example would be web hosting, considering all the top 10 pages have remarkable built of backlinks.