How to prevent your ranking from dropping?

Internet helps your business to reach the world faster and more efficiently, and as fast as you reach them as fast as you could lose them in the game of search engine optimisation. If you website is not within the top 10 or the first page of search engine, then you are not really playing the game of SEO. Most visitors would not even look at the end of what the search engine is offering in their result. It is  needless to say that those are put beyond page 2 and away. So there are almost zero chances of reaching their visitors even their site is indexed by the search engine.

SEO Claims and Reality

Now there are many programs and services that offer the best you can get in search engine optimization. They also guide on how your site can seamlessly get to the top ten of search result. This is done through targeting some keyword phrases. That may just be true depending on the level of competition. Secondly how much of effort you put into work of link building. But have you ever wonder what some of the SEO claims would sound challenging for making promises. Such as  your site will be on the top ten considering what if there are 20 clients from the same industry. Then those 20 clients are competing for the same or similar keyword. Wouldn’t this mean 10 of their clients would eventually be left out. They would only be able to reach the top 20 of search results.

Internet gurus outline many methods that promise  quick boost of SEO. Remember as fast as you gain it, you can lose it fast as well. So what’s important after getting the right ranking is to keep it. One thing you must ensure in your quest for good ranking is to get a reliable web hosting and domain hosting provider. I can’t stress this enough but to point out how your visitors can access your website. Simply put, how search engine’s crawler can maintain your ranking when it’s not even up on the internet?

Consistency in building links and creating quality content is another important principle that must be remembered. Many people eventually got slip off from the top ten because of inconsistent work. People do get lazy, especially after seeing such proud result from search result that their site is on top. But keep this passion up to write good content and build more back links so your site would not be outnumbers by others.