Why email marketing can sell more than a website?

The function of a website and email marketing is different on how it helps to create sales. Both of these tools should work hand in hand to create the short and the long term of profitable business. A website is considered to be the basic requirement for any company that is planning to reach the global scale and sell online. It is the least expectation from the public that a company should have at least a website. Email marketing however helps to solidify the gap of trust with its audiences in the long term.

The power of website relies of all contents that appeared on the site. Using basic selling principle such as the AIDA (attention, interest, desire and action), a website can help to create a short-term impact to generate some short term sales spike. Traffics are usually obtained through 3 methods. The Direct URL is where visitors know about your website and are revisiting your website as they still remember. The other method is through referring by other websites and the last method is through natural listing in search engines.

A landing page or a page that directs your visitors from the search result in search engine usually gives a short window of opportunity for a site to persuade. This is where websites is seen as a useful tool to engage the visitor’s buying temperature. Having the right ready-to-buy mindset, visitors can be easily persuaded to buying with attractive contents. This is where the quality of a website comes into play for the short term.

However, when it comes to long term persuasion and transforming the seasonal visitors into loyal clients would require a longer form of communication. This is when email marketing comes in handy. Email marketing acts as a form of public relations that send emails to clients about valuable information. This creates better trust with them in the long term and is perceived of higher credibility when you endorse a product to sell.