How does your website get visitors?

So now what? That would be the question that you would probably be asked after having a website. How does exactly do you reach more people and end up getting more sales from this? Well it all comes to one important thing when you have your website, that is TRAFFIC. Means visitors, and how do you get visitors?

3 Main Sources

Visitors come from 3 main different sources, and that would be the visitors you get from search engines, visitors who know about your site and access it directly through your URL and those that are being referred by other websites. When it comes to traffic from search engines, there are two ways that you can get visitors into your website. One is through paid advertising in search engine. This allows you to place an ad on search engines result based on a keyword you specify. The cost for this varies for different types of keywords that is based on its competitiveness.

Another way for you to get more traffic from search engines is to compete for SEO (search engine optimization). This is basically about placing your website within the top ten result of search engine. But this can get a little hard if you have no experience to do this or are competing for high competition of keywords and if you are not within the top ten results of search engine, then you are not playing the game of SEO well enough.

The other way to get traffic is when people already know about your website. Those consist of loyal visitors who truly find your website to be of value to them, thus they remember your website and would access your site by typing in the URL they remember. The last method of obtaining traffic is through referral websites. This will come when you get links from other websites who recognize yours and they refer their visitors to your site.