Web hosting and censorship

The internet is perhaps the best place to be qualified as the platform for freedom of speech around the world, well most part of the world. But when it first started to be used for highly controversial content, people become alerted and hence come the censorship for web content. Although the censorship for web contents are only applied in some nation, the policy have set a drawback for market exploration on the internet but at the same time have helped to keep the world at peace in some ways.

Most web hosting companies are required to adhere to the rules of censorship in its nation. Some countries have longer list of censorship contents than others. Web censorship is about controlling or suppressing the publishing or accessing of information on the internet. Contents that relate to politics, gambling, violence, pornography and drugs are commonly censored in some countries. Some of the censorship rules are incurred with the web hosting company while some government would try to filter and block public access to some websites.

One of the most strictly controlled web viewing that is know today as the Great Wallfire of China is the censorship program run by the Chinese Ministry of Public Service. The list of censored websites varied from many popularly browsed sites such as Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, Blogspot and some others. Therefore, understanding the TOS of every web hosting services and its nation’s censorship policy is important to know if a website can reach its public.