Why is my website not working

The moment I was doing my research on effective web design on Google I attempt to use the phrase ‘why is my website not working’. Instantly Google was able to auto-complete the search result after the word website. It shows exactly ‘why is my website not working’ thus I clicked it. The number of results was shown at more than 1 billion at Google. This can imply that while many people these days have what it takes to create a website, not many would be able to achieve success out of it, especially when their website is not properly developed.

Web development come all the way back to the basic idea of web design where it all starts from one concept, then the structure of the website and then the content. While some have the knowledge to create an entire website by themselves, others rely on outsourcing the job of web development to others, and when this is the choice there are a few things that you must take into account when choosing the right web developer.

First of all, ensure that the designer have fully understand your need for the website that include the concept, the color, the typography and the design that can match the identity of your product or organization. Get your designer to draft out the layout of the website to check if it is similar to your expectations. Ensure that your website will be created incompliant with the search engine friendly element. This means that the designers should take all essential meta keywords, description and etc to be highly visible for search engine.

Next, ensure that your web developer is using a high quality web hosting service provider for your web hosting service. Find out who do they plan to put your site to host with, and if possible choose a reliable web hosting yourself. A reliable web hosting service is one of the great key to making a website work successfully in fact a good web hosting company can help a website to be more effective with its SEO than having all the best keywords but getting downtime all the time. The last step is to ensure that your web designer is using a user friendly CMS (content management system), one that can be easily passed on to you or transferred to other developer if needed in future. This is because many CMS are user friendly and are only restricted with certain access using limited software or provider.

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