How email started to become one of the best marketing tool for business

Email also known as electronic mail started all the way back from 1969 where two universities UCLA Stanford and university of Utah created two computer networks that started the sharing of data. In 1971, its connectivity advanced to linking 32 devices together. As it continues to grow and improve, it formed a standard pattern for the email address. As internet become more popular in the 90s, email become more widely used as a tool for communication.

Today email system has been integrated into many Internet utilisations. Whether for personal use or for official and business, more than one billion email messages are being sent out around the world and almost every modern people would have at least one email address. For individuals, emails are being used as a standard form of communication and also as a form of identity to be verified for different internet functions such as registration, online chatting, application and others.

As for business, the use of email has become one of the most effective tools for business marketing hence comes the term email marketing. Email marketing is a direct form of marketing that communicates with potential audience with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant or to encourage customer loyalty. Other than that, email can also be used as an effective form of persuasion to close a sale.

Being one of the most preferred methods of marketing communication, email gives marketers the power not only send messages to their audiences, but also as a tool to build brand, and relationship with their audiences.

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