The different types of PayPal accounts

When it comes to handling online transaction, one of the most important criteria is to look for a reliable and secure method to accept and withdraw money for business. These criteria are often compared and contrasted with different types of payment gateway. One of the most popularly used payment gateway system that you can see in almost any websites is PayPal. It is in fact one of the most preferred payment gateway system for seller and buyers as well because of the security and at the same time, the convenience to buy and sell.

Creating a PayPal account can be done within minutes. But when it comes to choosing the right type of PayPal account, many would be halted at that stage. There are basically 3 types of accounts to choose from:-  Personal, Premier and Business accounts.

Personal accounts are meant for personal use or individual uses that is commonly chosen to send out  money than to receive money.  This account allows the user to accept up to 5 credit or debit card. It is not meant for high transaction volume.

Premier accounts are  for members who have high volume of transactions and are allowed to have accessed to PayPal’s features. With this account, user can add unlimited number of credit and debit cards.

Business accounts are for businesses. The registered name should be under a business name and are even able to accept payments from clients who does not have PayPal accounts. Similar like Premier account, Business account accept unlimited number of debit and credit card payment.

Now that you have a better picture of the different types of account, start registering one for free now.